goldendoodles for sale in york pa

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Buyer must contact seller for consultation, PRIOR to treatments or surgery for genetic defects, to review all possible treatments. In the event of such a defect, Breeder may elect either a or b as follows: a Purchaser shall be entitled to another puppy from a breeding that is acceptable to both if the vet bills related to the covered defect are equal or greater than the cost of the puppy. If the new price is higher the purchaser shall pay the difference; or b SELLER will reimburse the purchaser for his/her veterinarian expenses incurred in connection with the treatment of the defect up to the price of the puppy, not including shipping costs. This guarantee is non transferable and is valid only if the following requirements have been met:• A Warranty for Hip Dysplasia is provided for two years after the date of the sale of your puppy. Should your dog develop Hip Dysplasia during this time, buyer must provide seller proof. It will be required that X rays be sent to OFA for scoring.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

She plays well with our three children and helps my oldest when he is overwhelmed with life.

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goldendoodles for sale in york pa

“ Also, if you do not want the hassle of raising and training a young pup, in addition to younger puppies I have well mannered and socialized older pups started in obedience. ”