goldendoodle for sale utah

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These back yard breeders live in a trailer park and have a small piece of property that is cluttered with junk. They are also animal hoarders and need to find homes for a great number of these animals. Their 'kennel' is nothing more than a metal shed behind their trailer full of dogs crammed together. Sure, they ship puppies all over the world and do you know why?Because they don't want you to see what's behind that privacy fence. If you want to meet the Gerrish's and get your new puppy, you will have to meet them in town. You will never get to see where your new puppy was born nor will you get to see the parents.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Shelters post the pets, and we get them exposure, but we need your help!Please search to adopt a Goldendoodle for yourself, or tell a friend about our website so that they can adopt a Goldendoodle.

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goldendoodle for sale utah

“ We are more than happy to share the health test results of our dogs. ”